In every bookmaker office, there are analysts who are responsible for the formation of the line and the coefficients, which are the most important indicators for the stable operation of companies. Typically, large players in the market have a whole staff of employees, each of whom works in his own specialty.

Thanks to their activities, the office can function stably and offer users favorable conditions for long-term cooperation. An analyst is a responsible position because he needs to keep his finger on the pulse of events 24 hours a day. First, he must evaluate the pre-match hands, and during the match, he must quickly respond to changes in the arena.

It is the speed of decision-making, as well as the specifics of the analysis that are the main features of professionalism here. Often in large bookmakers, there are several narrowly specialized specialists, each of whom is responsible for a particular discipline.

The relevance of the data provided by the analyst is extremely important. Each bookmaker “takes” a certain percentage of the funds – margin. The lower its size, the higher the odds offered to registered players. This directly affects the degree of popularity of the bookmaker among fans of sports betting.

To reduce their own risks, companies need to accurately calculate the probability of the outcome of an event. Of course, special programs, as well as relevant statistics, help in this. However, it is the work of a professional that is the guarantee that players will be offered relevant options for making money. Proper execution of their duties is a guarantee that the bookmaker will remain profitable, because if you set the odds that are not true, then you can simply go broke.

A professional analyst must consider many factors before making a forecast and calculating quotes. Let’s look at an example of a football match. So, the following factors should be taken into account:

The current form of the team. To do this, you need to analyze the results of the last 5-7 games to understand whether athletes are in good shape. Now finding such information is very simple, which allows you to quickly identify the dynamics of the speech. The current form is one of the main criteria in the formation of the coefficients.
The presence of injuries and disqualifications. If the team does not have a leader or just an important player, then it is likely that it will not be able to demonstrate 100% of its capabilities. Examination of cards, damage, psychological problems – all this is important to consider in order to correlate the real balance of power at the moment. Moreover, in this case, it is very important to constantly monitor the news, because information about the injury can “slip through” even a few minutes before the meeting.
The history of personal confrontations. Often this is where the ability to predict the right outcome lies. There are frequent examples of whom when even a higher-class team cannot beat a potential outsider, because it is not able to find opposition to its playing style. For example, recently Liverpool faced such a problem, which often lost points in matches with less powerful opponents solely because they chose defensive tactics and did not allow the red players to disperse.
The venue of the meeting. At home walls, the probability of achieving a positive result is always higher. Examples are frequent when even outsiders take away points from the favorites when they play at home. The support of the stands can often play a decisive role, especially when it comes to cup confrontation.
Weather. Another factor that many underestimate. It is clear that most football matches are held in good weather, but if it is raining outside, the probability of a positive outcome for a more technical team is somewhat reduced.
Motivation. Problems with it most often arise at the end of the season, when many teams have already solved their tournament tasks. In such a situation, many leaders can relax and not give their best on the field 100%. This leads to the fact that even a less powerful team, but motivated can achieve a positive result for themselves.

Calendar of upcoming meetings. The strongest teams are most often confronted with the strongest teams, who are fighting not only in the domestic championship but also in the cup, as well as in the international arena. So, if a series of a number of responsible fights is ahead, one of them can be “sacrificed”. Often this is sinned in cup tournaments when, especially in the early stages, the favorites release an open reserve team. In some matches, this brings results, but often sensations occur when they fly out of the competition at sufficiently early stages or are inferior to less powerful opponents.
This is not a complete list of what professionals take into account before giving their forecast on the outcome of the confrontation. An experienced specialist always monitors the situation. This applies to both statistical data and information about the relationship in the team.

It is immediately worth noting that a sports analyst is a profession that requires maximum immersion in the chosen discipline. And often the employees of bookmakers have irregular working hours. The bulk of the competition falls on the weekend, so it is for them to prepare the main layouts. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to do this because every day there are hundreds of confrontations from all over the world.

Even the slightest inaccuracy in the hand of the analyst leads to possible losses for the bookmaker. At the same time, his proper work makes sports betting profitable both for the company and for ordinary players.

Forecasts have been very popular lately, so professionals have a special burden. It is extremely important for them to constantly monitor statistical indicators, as well as the latest news. After the analysis of the information is completed, the specialist most often offers his calculations in percentage terms. For example, the probability of victory of the first team is 30%, a tie outcome is 35%, and the second club is 35%.

Then, in the bookmaker’s office, they translate this into quotes and subtract the margin that they have. Moreover, in most cases, this indicator can vary. Here a lot depends on the discipline, as well as the level of popularity of the competition. For example, the margin for top football matches is usually quite low, because they make a lot of predictions, and the bookmaker is likely to be able to earn.

The analyst must also be able to respond quickly to the news. For example, that the team leader who was injured the day before will not take part in the meeting. This significantly reduces the chances of the club and directly affects the proposed odds. In general, with experience comes understanding of all the dealings.

The work of an analyst is very much appreciated by bookmakers, so usually candidates for this position are offered a good salary. However, the requirements for the applicant are quite strict:

he should have a good command of mathematical calculations (ideally, have a specialized education);
to be involved in the world of your favorite sports discipline;
be able to correctly assess the likelihood of a particular outcome.
An analysis of the situation on the market shows that the work of a specialist in a good office is now estimated at more than 100 thousand rubles. Moreover, a significant part of this income is bonus payments. Many professionals work on% of the earnings of the bookmaker, therefore, they are personally interested in setting the odds that are fully true.

In modern conditions, a new variety of this direction has appeared – “live worker”. Such a specialist monitors the development of events in real time. This is a real art that requires detailed knowledge in the field of a particular discipline.

In most cases, to become an analyst, you need to undergo training at the bookmaker. And without errors it is almost impossible to do, but this is one of the components of the work. Therefore, managers are usually ready to forgive 1-2 inaccuracies at a distance, if in other cases the specialist makes a competent correction of the coefficients.

There are two working options in live: manual and automatic. For the latter, special programs are used (in particular, Betradar), which already offer ready-made quotes for the opposition. True, it costs a lot, so only bookmakers that have long been working in the market and have a solid army of customers can afford such a luxury.

The manual version of the work involves finding a good line on which to be based in the future. Moreover, if a live worker works successfully for a certain time period, then it is likely that he will be trusted to adjust quotes for the top event. For example, the Manchester United fight – Liverpool or any other confrontation that causes increased spectator interest. Yes, a mistake here will be very expensive, but the probability of receiving a bonus for a job well done is high.

Usually a professional monitors the development of events thanks to the INPLAY program. Ideally, the analyst should also control that “forks” do not form on the market. It is clear that there is a chance that they will put on a losing outcome in their office, but the ability to stop the use of this strategy in practice (and at the same time not lose customers) is already an indicator of skill. If suspicious accounts are found, it sends a notification to the support service.

Thus, this profession is very interesting and well paid. A sports analyst is one without whom it is impossible to imagine the activities of any bookmaker. In conditions of increased competition in the market, increased responsibility rests on his shoulders, because it is important not only to calculate the parameters but also to make them more attractive than competitors so that the players go to his BC.