Sports betting, like other areas with signs of gambling, is surrounded by an atmosphere of easy money. Bookmaker advertising almost opaque hints that winning is easy. All kinds of sports portals are hung with advertising exactly with the same messages. They even advertise bets on television. The cherry on the cake are various publics on social networks, YouTube channels, sites where all kinds of dishonest types show a beautiful life, supposedly provided by sports betting. Country villas, luxury apartments, expensive cars, yachts, accessories, next to the glamorous girls of model appearance. Of course, all this blows the lid to the layman with a fragile psyche, who, moreover, is exhausted by the lack of money.

Meanwhile, experienced and professional players who have been in the bets for more than a decade, look at such an absurd advertisement just painful. This is an outright enticement. In the case of bookmakers, everything is clear, they call on new customers. Various kappers and “experts” want to let out a clear fog and for this business sell their great forecasts with a 100% pass or “miracle strategies”, there are a lot of options. Naturally, with the money, everyone involved remains, except for the newcomers who have hung their ears. As adherents of the fact that rates are not a game of chance, but a very specific field for earnings comparable to investments, we also want to seriously approach the topic of easy money. We will not rely on luck, listen to storytellers, but simply take and calculate how, in a short time, for example, in one day, you can spin your original bank 10 times in sports betting. Given that newcomers come to betting with modest starting amounts, this is how they see an increase that should radically improve their situation.

We are aware that the task is difficult, for the majority – almost impossible. Easy money to bet is. But not for everyone and not always. As in absolutely any field of competence, easy money is a prize for professionals for their high level. And even then, up to 90% of the length of the season is very labor money. That same feeling of ease of reaching the big “X” comes only occasionally. This is nice, but experienced players know that this is a natural reward for work and understanding of the matter. All the current story we are targeting the newcomers so that they discard the pink glasses and return to the ground. By showing specific figures and calculations, as the bank’s multiple multiplications really do, it will come to understanding that this is not easy. Also, a path will begin to emerge where to look, what to consider, in which direction to develop, if you want to become a professional. Those who are inclined to believe storytellers and are not ready to spend their time on self-development in betting will have to face great difficulties and give up these ventures, having lost a fair amount of their own money. So do not look for easy ways. Trust logic and numbers.

Any serious betting player begins with planning. This stage involves linking three main parameters: goals, starting bank, distance. Already at a strategic level, the player selects such financial distribution algorithms of finance to ensure that the task is delivered on time. At this point, of course, everything is still “on paper”. However, you must calculate the path before moving to the goal. It is important to see the numbers, at least theoretically assess the risks and chances of success, select realistic scenarios and a priori cut off unrealistic ones.

Two elements of the plan we stated in the title. The goal is x10, the distance is 1 game day, one day. We formalize the financial part in the form of specific amounts of money. Just as an example, take a starter bank: 1,000 rubles. So the goal: 10 000 rubles. As for one day, pretty good. But you, based on your financial situation, can both reduce and increase these values ​​in absolute terms. Anyway, the ratio will remain x10.