Each beginner player in sports betting sets high ambitious goals for himself. Unfortunately, in these aspirations, there are a lot of emotions and extremely few calculations, mathematics. In our articles we try to return you to the earth, to bring a rational grain into the game. Only having an adequate plan, which is implemented, to begin with on paper, at least theoretically, can you later translate into a real game and profit. If there is no such a planned plan, no algorithm, even the goal has not been clearly formulated, then the player is doomed to running, like a squirrel in a wheel, without visible progress. The money will flow away, time will be wasted, and there will never be any coveted millions from bets. It is important to understand that any large profit for which people come to betting is formed from relatively simple steps. For example, increasing a bank by 10, 20, 50, or 100 times seems fantastic if you look at them from zero to an endpoint right away. But here it is worth considering that the simplest action is doubling, x2. And indeed, having learned to systematically make x2, and other “X’s” obey. This moment we will analyze. Let’s see how to double the game bank using popular financial strategies for betting.

Before proceeding to specific examples and calculations, we make a remark that all of the following is more aimed at novice players or those bettors who are not ready to allocate a significant bank for the game. The fact is that professionals who operate with multi-million dollar amounts set themselves slightly different tasks, and the strategies are different. Big deposit twist on the safest strategies. An increase of 5-15% (ROI) for a full turn of a game deposit is the norm since in absolute terms it is a lot of money. The game is usually conducted according to uniform financial strategies, using the breakdown into small parts, about 1-2% per bet. So to double according to such a scheme for quite a long time and in practice, it can take from several months to a whole season. But you must admit if we are talking about millions, even rubles, then such a net profit even for such periods is a good income. For beginners who do not have large banks, they also want to make tangible profits. To do this, of course, you need to set the task to double, and more than once. So we will consider those strategies that really allow you to do x2 inadequate time. Of course, these schemes are not as safe as flat with a small percentage, but the amount at risk is not so great. So you have to sacrifice some of the security for potential profit. So in any business. The higher the profit prospects, the higher the risks, and vice versa. Those who work with a large bank are much less willing to risk it. Therefore, these strategies are not suitable for them.

If you break the starting game bank into many small parts and set it at 1-2%, then you will have to double for quite a while. For example, if the task is to double the amount of 10,000 rubles. According to this scheme, you will have to do several hundred iterations of 100 rubles. No one will mess around for more than a month for 10K of net profit. So you have to increase the risks and act in large parts.

Let’s start with the extreme version, dividing the bank into 4 parts. But then we will go on to reduce risks by making a softer breakdown.

Example No. 1

So, the starting conditions. Deposit 10 000 rubs. The coefficient is chosen around 2.00. This site is not a problem if you bet on hidden favorites or play live. So, 4 bets for 2,500 rubles each. Naturally, you need to do at least 2 out of 4 to stay with your own. Let’s say the result is 3 out of 4 pluses and 1 loses.

2,500 * 3 * 2.00 = 15,000 rubles.
First-round done. We go to the second. We again make 4 bets of 2,500 rubles each. At the same time, we won’t use the 5,000 net winners in the last lap. And again 3 out of 4.

2,500 * 3 * 2.00 = 15,000 rubles.
So it turns out that we have 20,000 rubles in the bank. Doubling took place. In this example, it only took 8 iterations. An insignificant distance that can be done in a couple of hours in live, if you have the proper experience.

In a particularly successful case, 4 out of 4 can enter from the first lap and this will immediately give a doubling.

Patency of 6 out of 8 is 75%. Very high rate, especially considering the ratio. Of course, if you play like this for a long time, then it is unrealistic to maintain such a high cross.

Let’s consider an example closer to life:

1 circle: 3 out of 4;
2 circle: 2 out of 4;
3 circle: 2 out of 4;
4 circle: 3 out of 4.
Total, this is 16 bets, of which 10 are positive. Passability 62.5%. Already more realistic. Well, x2 is also achieved.

It is clear that 3 minutes out of four will greatly draw down the bank. If on the first 4 minuses out of 4 it turns out on the first lap – this is a drain to zero. If such a failure occurs after a successful circle, then we will have half of the initial amount. In general, this is a risky strategy but allows you to make x2 for a fairly short distance.

The main advantages of the “flat” are the independence of the bet from each other, as well as the fact that after one successful round there is already a certain profit that stretches the bank and reduces the risk of its drain.